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For create new fast mail input any letters (a-z, 0-9) or your temp e-mail fully:
or click new domain:
Solve the math not green not blue: 82 рl*us.o.n.e = ?
Solve the math not green not blue: 86 р.l*us .o.n.e = ?
Solve the math not green not blue: 79 рl*u.s .o.n.e = ?

This service is designed to create a quick temporary email mail, for example without registration, without SMS and without time limits. You choose any name for your email and you will receive a quick mail for registration on forums and other sites where confirmation from the letter is required.
SMS confirmation is not required. Protection from trackers and tracking when opening emails. There is a function to send letters, as well as set notifications to another email or telegram.

New features and updates:

  • 2020-july - the function of setting a password for a mailbox and viewing letters of a password-protected mail is restored
  • 2019-Nov - you can "catch" a temporary email 5 days before it is created
  • 2019-May - New version, many bugs fixed, anonymity from the provider
  • 2016-Oct - New version, even faster and more stable
  • 2015-Oct - no time limit for 10 minutes


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